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Masters: Expect gusting wind to present another challenge on moving day at Augusta National

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As difficult as Augusta National has played this week for the 85th Masters, darker skies and more challenges are ahead for the second half of the tournament.

Saturday’s forecast calls for a front to move in, potentially bringing showers and isolated thunderstorms. A larger rain dump could follow.

According to the 11 a.m. tournament weather update: “Current projections are for showers and possibly a few thunderstorms to move through the Augusta area between 4-7 p.m., although a few showers may develop in the vicinity earlier this afternoon. Any thunderstorms are likely to stay weak but will have potential to produce lightning and downpours if moving directly over or near the course.”

In terms of playing conditions, the real issue may be wind. The forecast also calls for sustained winds at 12-18 mph with gusts as high as 20-25 mph by mid-afternoon.

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With that wind coming from the south, expect some of the hardest holes to play even harder into a headwind, namely Nos. 5, 10 and 11.

With wind bouncing off the trees around Augusta National, it could be challenging for players to select the right club on approaches into greens.

Considering that Augusta National is already playing firm and fast, it’s an extra obstacle that will truly make “moving day” a test.

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