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After nearly ten years in the bag, Scottie Scheffler says goodbye to his 3 wood


They had a heck of a run together.

Scottie Scheffler admitted on Friday that he had to retire one of his favorite golf clubs after using it for nearly ten years.

“My trusty 3-wood cracked on Saturday on the range at Royal Oaks, and right now I got a Callaway one in there. We’ll see how it goes,” he said after his second round 66 at the Sentry Tournament of Champions at Kapalua. He shot 70 in the first round.

“It was a Nike VR Pro. I think it came out in, like, 2011.”

He says he remembers not using it during his college days at Texas “but I’ve used it the whole time I turned pro, most of my senior year, and pretty much all of high school. I only wasn’t using it for two or three years in there.”

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Despite all the advancements in golf club technology, Scheffler kept sticking by his 3 wood.

“I would say the way that the club setup it was really square, it was really clean, not a lot of loft so I was able to flight it down pretty easily and it was softer than the new 3-woods and for me that’s important. And when I wanted to hit it far, I just teed it up a little higher, hit it higher on the face. I got to know the club really well and for me I knew exactly what I needed to do with it each time.”

Once he realized he needed a new 3 wood, he says his wife dug out some clubs from their house and brought them to the range.

Nike stopped making golf equipment about 4 ½ years ago. However, if he were so inclined, Scheffler could go to ebay, where there’s a Nike VR Pro selling for about $100.

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