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4ORE Nutrition: Supplements formulated by golfers for golfers


4ore Nutrition is the first supplement company formulated specifically for golfers by golfers. 4ore has developed products that complement a healthy lifestyle, but help golfers achieve their highest level of energy, focus, and clarity on and off the course. The brand launched in January of 2021 but has been in the making for two years with extensive research and trials.

Currently, they have four products: Energy & Focus, Pure Focus, Training and Recovery. These powders are flavored and designed to dissolve in water made from natural extracts and vitamins.

4ORE Nutrition supplements
4ORE Nutrition supplements
4ORE Nutrition supplements

Energy & Focus is caffeinated and increases hydration, focus and calms nerves on the course. The individually portioned packets make it easy to stick in your bag and take on the go. One serving contains 100mg of caffeine but is designed for a smooth boost to not disrupt your golf swing.

Pure Focus doesn’t contain caffeine and is stimulant-free. It promotes clarity, mental stamina, endurance and cellular support while golfing. It comes in two flavors, triple berry and green apple.

Training is 4ore’s highest caffeinated supplement with 150mg of caffeine. The dissolvable powder is loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and extracts to boost energy, performance, mental alertness, and recovery. This supplement was curated to enhance training and range sessions.

Recovery is made up of an amino acid matrix specifically designed to help recover the body and increase hydration. 4ore recommends to consume during a workout or after.

4ore Nutrition’s motto is, “Fit 4 Golf, Fit 4 Life, Fit 4 Hope.” A portion of all orders go to various charities and hospitals to align with the brand’s commitment of giving back.

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